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Designed for Building Certifiers by Building Certifiers

BC Office has been designed to save you time, by automating your office administration tasks, allowing you to spend more time running your business. BC Office works seamlessly with Microsoft Office to deliver an integrated solution in both single and multiuser environments.

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How to get started with your free trial...

  1. Download and install the free MS Access 2013 Runtime 32-bit x86 version
  2. Note, for Office 365 Subscription users who are still using Microsoft Office 2013 then due to restrictions in the MS Access Runtime installer you will need to upgrade to Microsoft Office 2016 first (which is a free upgrade under your Office 365 subscription)
  3. Ensure your antivirus software supports BC Office (see our Blog post for more information)
  4. Download and install the BC Office trial using the Download Now button above
  5. Run through the Getting Started Guide found in the User Guide

Microsoft Windows Compatibility

BC Office 4 is officially supported on Windows 7, 8 and 10. Older versions of Windows are unable to be supported due to being incompatibly with the prerequisite Microsoft Access 2013 Runtime.

Microsoft Office Compatibility

We recommend Microsoft Office 2016 (32-bit x86 version). However, BC Office 4 is compatible with older versions of Microsoft Office with the prerequisite Microsoft Access 2013 Runtime installed.

Key Features

Check out these key features...

Windows 10 & Office 2016

Designed for Microsoft Windows 10 & Office 2016 with backward compatibility

Tabbed & Resizable Windows

Common look and feel and tabbed window interface with resizable windows

Microsoft Word Integration

Generate Quotes, Information Requests, Decision Notices using customisable Word templates


Quick access to your applications and appointments to ensure you don’t miss important milestones

Application Register

Record all your application contacts, checks, documents, fees, inspections in the application register

Application Checks

Create custom assessment, consent & certificate checklists to monitor your application workflow

Integrated Calendar

Use the customisable built-in calendar to schedule client meetings and book inspection appointments

Address Book

Use the Address Book to keep track of your client contact details, information & notes

Microsoft Outlook Integration

Email application documents & appointment confirmations using Outlook

Processing Time Reporting

Keep track of your application processing times using the Processing Time Reports

QBCC & QLeave Sighting Claims

Record and process all of your Owner Builder Permit and Receipt Sighting claims

PDF Reports

All BC Office 4 reports are produced as Adobe Acrobat PDF making them easy to save and distribute

Plan Register

Use the plan register to record your Survey Plans and let BC Office 4 link them to your applications

Import Documents

Import documents using standard File Explorer drag and drop

Offline Mode

Take BC Office 4 with you in the field to record and generate your inspection certificates


Here are a few sample screenshots...


Time to discuss your licensing options...

BC Office is licensed per seat (i.e. a licence is required for each client computer). Volume discounts are available when purchasing multiple licences together, offering considerable savings off the normal purchase price.

New Licenses

The following new license fees apply to all new BC Office licenses. Upon purchase a licence key will be issued to activate the product.
# Licences New Discount
1 - 2 $1,680 each
3 - 4 $1,428 each 15%
5 or more $1,176 each 30%
Unlimited $11,760 30%

License Upgrades

The following license upgrade fees apply to all existing Release 1, 2 & 3 licenses. Upon upgrade a new licence key will be issued.
# Licences Upgrade Discount
1 - 2 $840 each
3 - 4 $714 each 15%
5 or more $588 each 30%
Unlimited $5,880 30%

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