Trial BC Office 4 before upgrading your live install

If you have an existing live install of BC Office and would like to trial BC Office 4 before upgrading, follow these steps to switch between your live install and the new trial.

  1. Download and install the free MS Access 2013 Runtime (32-bit x86 version). Note, if you have an Office365 subscription and are using Microsoft Office 2016 then due to restrictions in the MS Access Runtime installer you will need to upgrade to Microsoft Office 2016 first (which is a free upgrade under your Office365 subscription).
  2. Ensure your antivirus software supports BC Office 4 (see our Blog post for more information).
  3. Download and install the BC Office 4 trial into a separate trial folder. Take care not to select your existing live BC Office folder.
  4. When prompted select the Upgrade Client option to install the BC Office 4 client. Alternatively you can run the Setup Client 4 installer from the new trial folder.
  5. You now have the trial successfully installed and can commence your trial.
  6. As only one version of the BC Office client can be installed at the one time, to switch between your trial and live BC Office installs you will need to rerun the appropriate Setup Client installer from the respective trial or live BC Office folder.